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Travelling to Bhutan - Parp Tshechu


Bhutan was closed to foreign travelers until 1974. In the first year when Bhutan opened up to tourism, just 287 tourists visited the country. In 2018 the amount had increased to 325,800 tourists visiting the nation. More than 60% of these are Indian vacationers.

Bhutan is your unique travel destination in the world. Being such a unique country, it also requires particular rules to be followed closely.

In reality as per a survey performed by the magazine Business Week, Bhutan was shown to be the happiest nation in Asia and 8th happiest nation on the planet. A small nation, lying in the middle of the Himalayas with a stunning landscape, a one of a kind and secluded culture and a variety of diverse flora and fauna, Bhutan is your opportunity with an adventure you shouldn’t miss.

Bhutan Vacation Packages

To have the ability to mingle with Bhutanese and their culture is genuinely a fascinating experience! When you comprehend the requirements of your partner, you may use the chance to make far better usage of your time. You can decide on the best one based on your requirements. It’s always important to comprehend the demand for choosing the most suitable travel package offers.

Bhutan Itinerary 4 Days

Bhutan Itinerary 4 Days

Cities: Thimphu, Paro & Punakha
US $790
10% OFF
A brief introduction to Bhutan. Best shortest tour to explore Paro and Thimphu.
Bhutan Tour Package

Bhutan Tour Package 6 Days

This once forgotten destination has recently been rediscovered. Explore the mystery of Bhutan today.
Bhutan Itinerary 7 Days 24.8 / 5.0
17 Reviews ( More )
US $1290
10% OFF
8 Days Vacation to Bhutan

Vacation to Bhutan 8 Days

Travelling to Bhutan can be fun for anyone. You’re going to be moving around a lot in Bhutan.
Bhutan Itinerary 7 Days 24.8 / 5.0
17 Reviews ( More )
US $1790
10% OFF


Check for events and festival before deciding on travelling to Bhutan. The best season to travel to Bhutan is during spring and fall where most of the local festivals take place. During this season, tourists have to pay a tariff of USD 250. The famous Thimphu Tshechu, the festival of colorful mask dance is held between September and October every year.

Thimphu Tshechu – 7 Days

Thimphu Tshechu – 7 Days

One of the biggest festivals and will highlight a number of the cultural richness of the region and interrelate with nature.
Bhutan Itinerary 7 Days 24.8 / 5.0
17 Reviews ( More )
US $1250
10% OFF

Paro Tshechu – 7 Days

Bhutan Itinerary 7 Days 24.8 / 5.0
17 Reviews ( More )
US $1250
10% OFF
Going to the monastery during the festival is a true treat as you experience ancient Buddhist traditions in today’s day.

Punakha Tshechu – 7 Days

Bhutan Itinerary 7 Days 24.8 / 5.0
17 Reviews ( More )
US $1250
10% OFF
A rich and happy expression of its ancient Buddhist living culture that many have come to admire and treasure it.

Travelling to Bhutan, What you need to Know?

Q.What does Bhutan vacation packages include?
A.Bhutan vacation packages includes all your meals, lodge, transportation, guide, sightseeing fees and govt taxes.

Q. How much do i need to pay for Bhutan Visa?
A. Bhutan visa cost Us $ 40. Its a one time fee.

Q. What documents do i need to carry while travelling to Bhutan?
A. You need to carry your original passport copy with a validity at-least 6 months from date of expiry when your travelling to Bhutan.

Q. How can i travel to Bhutan?
A. You can get into Bhutan by Road or Flight. Drukair and Bhutan Airlines flies to and from Bangkok, Delhi, Kathmandu, SIngapore and Kolkata.

Truly Heavenly in Bhutan. Excellent Vacation


Exceptional services given with no room for complaints at all. Paying USD 250 per person per night making an all inclusive travel deals, its not costly. I rank this as one of the best holidays I have ever had. This new meaning of Heavenly Bhutan was made to understand and memories are gonna stay forever. Must visit country once in a lifetime.

Mike Demana

Amazing Bhutan Vacation


We had planned our honeymoon in Bhutan and thanks to Mr. Druk from Bhutan Wonderland for making it memorable. The itinerary was well planned which enabled us to visit all the important tourist attractions in Bhutan. I would like to specially mention and appreciate the hospitality provided to us. Must visit place as you can rejuvenate your soul, body and mind.

Himaja Kamal

A different experience of traveling with amazing people of Bhutan


Its been a long i have been in Bhutan but still memories are clear. It was wonderful trip with help of Bhutan wonderland. Such young and enthusiastic team help us to understand their culture and country well. We are very much pleased with your services. Looking forward to try next trek next year.

Aditya U


The adventure Bhutan travel package is going to be undertaken on seasonal time annually. The absolute most well-known treks are the hardest treks too, like the Jhomolhari trek that is rated as moderately challenging, and the well-known Snowman trek, which is just for the most experienced of high-altitude trekkers.


Bumdra Trek – 2 Days

Bumdra camping accommodation is Bhutan’s most comfortable and luxury, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s an easy walk. Short overnight Trek.

Druk Path Trek – 6 Days

The six-day trek is the country’s most popular trek as it passes through a magnificent natural landscape of blue pine forests, high ridges and pristine lakes.

Jomolhari Trek – 6 Days

It offers a wide range of habitats with altitude ranges between 2,500 m and almost 5,000 m. The highlight of this trek is Jomolhari Basecamp (Jangothang).

Getting into Bhutan

Getting into BhutanGetting to “The Land of the Thunder Dragon” is an adventure by itself.

The country’s only international airport is located at Paro, and landing there is a thrilling encounter. Both landing and takeoff must be performed manually, and only eight pilots in the world are certified to land and takeoff from Paro International Airport.

There are currently just two airlines flying to Paro Airport.

Druk Air, the national airlines and the independently owned Bhutan Airlines.

Two airlines Now have flights to Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bagdogra, Guwahati & Gaya in India, Kathmandu, Bangkok, Dhaka & Singapore.

Flights to and from Paro are just permitted under visual meteorological conditions and therefore are limited to daylight hours from dawn to sunset, so delays are extremely common.

If flying isn’t feasible, Bhutan has three land border crossings with India, Phuntsholing from the west, Gelephu at the central place and Samdrup Jongkhar from the east.

There are NO open boundaries between Bhutan and China.


All tourists must obtain a visa prior travelling to Bhutan.

Visas are issued as soon as you’ve made a complete payment on the Tourism Council to your whole trip of Bhutan.

The money stays with the Tourism Council before your trip within Bhutan is complete. The travel service is paid once you have left the country.

Bhutan no longer limits tourist numbers and operates with an open door policy.

A passport with a minimum validity of six months from the date of expiry from the issue date is required, and you must pay a charge of 40 USD for the visa.

Why You Should Visit Bhutan

The high season fee when travelling to Bhutan set by the government is 250 USD every day in the months of March, April, May, September, October, and November. The Low season charge is 200 USD for the weeks of January, February, June, July, August, and December. There’s also a surcharge of 40 USD, for each night if travelling to Bhutan independently.

So the fee is 290 USD every day in high season and 240 USD per day in low season if you’re travelling alone. By your daily fee, 65 USD is used to offer free education and healthcare for the sailors from the country.

Our Guide – Travel Bhutan Guide

Our tours in Bhutan are guided by authorized guides accredited by TCB with strong communication skills and comprehensive Bhutan knowledge. We are travel fans, lovers of nature and people of Bhutan who are willing to show the best on your journey to Bhutan.


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