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Daily Tourist Visa Fee for Indian Tourist

Govt Proposes Daily Tourist Visa Fee for Indian Tourist The tourism sector representatives said that the government’s proposal to levy a daily Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) for regional leisure tourists is a good move to tackle the issues related to regional tourists. Finance Minister Namgay Tshering introduced a bill at the National Assembly yesterday to […]

Top Travel Destinations 2020

Travel Destination 2020 With so many places to visit, how do you choose where to go? Check out our top travel destination 2020. Here are its recommended countries for travel in 2020. Bhutan Bhutan is a small country located in the southern foothills of the Himalaya mountains. The country is in between the Republic of China and the […]

The Step-by-Step Guide to travel Bhutan

Bhutan Travel Guide 2020 Brief Overview of Bhutan Bhutan is known by various names. In the past, the country was widely known as Mon Yul or the Land of Darkness. The other names given were Lho Jong Men Jong or the Southern Land of Medicinal Herbs, Ridag gi yul or the Land of dense forests […]

Travel to Bhutan from Europe

Travel to Bhutan from Europe and Bhutan Travel Cost If you are travelling to Bhutan from Europe, Bhutan is +6:00 hrs ahead of Universal Time Coordinated (UTC+6). Bhutan does not observe any Daylight saving time. For all visitors planning their trip to Bhutan can take flight routes from New Delhi, Kathmandu, Bangkok or Singapore. Travel requirements […]

National Parks and Protected Areas in Bhutan

National Parks and Protected Areas in Bhutan National Parks and Protected Areas in Bhutan, the country is known for its environment. Environment preservation has been given due importance so that the future generations of the Bhutanese people benefit from them. Therefore a number of protected areas have been identified by the Government. There are today […]