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Amazing Treks in Bhutan. The cool serene mountains of Bhutan offer a rare experience to those looking to trek in Bhutan.

Trekking in Bhutan | Hiking in Bhutan

Snowman-Trek-in-Bhutan country offers a wide choice of trekking routes crisscrossing through stunning jungles, mountains, lakes, rivers and forests.

The clean air, mixed with the sounds of buzzing insects and birds is another treat while hiking across the mountains of Bhutan. Trekking routes are exclusive and not crowded.

The altitude varies quickly while trekking in Bhutan. Within a few days, one can hike through the subtropical forests, across the temperate jungles of central Bhutan and emerge in the alpine mountain regions of the north. However, there are many trekking routes in Bhutan. Trekkers can chose from those that take months to a pleasant one-day hike.

Most begin by hiking the gentle trekking routes surrounding the capital city Thimphu. Some of these easier trekking routes can be covered within a few hours or a day. For those seeking adventure in the snowy mountains of the north, trekking can be increasingly difficult. The famous Snowman Trek is considered one of the most difficult and also the most rewarding.

Professional guides accompany the trekkers and camps are set on top of ice across some parts of the route. Other helpers and horses carry materials and gears across the route.Professional guides accompany the trekkers and camps are set on top of ice across some parts of the route. Other helpers and horses carry materials and gears across the route.

The Snowman trek route runs at an elevation of over 5,000 meters above sea level and is regarded by many as the most difficult in the world. However, trekkers are treated to a sight of majestic mountains of the Himalayas and stunning glacial lakes. The Snowman trek takes about a month to complete.

There are also several other slightly moderate trekking routes that take about eight to ten days. The Jhomolhari trek takes eight days and is at a slightly lower elevation. One of the most popular trekking route connects the capital city Thimphu with the beautiful valleys of Paro. Known as the Drukpath trek, the route runs through many beautiful lakes, valleys, rivers and villages with typical two storied traditional Bhutanese houses.

The Druk path takes around five days to complete. Trekking in Bhutan can also be a great opportunity to mingle with the local communities and join in the celebrations and festivals.

Some trekking routes offer great opportunities to witness and explore the diverse variety of birds. Various species of fascinating plants and flowers also grow in abundance across Bhutan. Rhododendron flowers bloom in the northern alpine regions during spring.

Spring and fall are the best seasons to trek in Bhutan. Bhutan is a heaven for over 700 species of birds.

Trekking Routes in Bhutan.

Trek Days Maximum Elevation Difficulty
Bumthang Cultural Trek 3 3360 M Easy – Medium
Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek 6 4250 M Medium
Druk Path Trek 5 4200 M Easy – Medium
Duer Hot Spring Trek 9 4700 M Medium – Hard
Gangtey Trek 3 3480 M Easy
Jomolhari Trek I 9 4930 M Medium
Jomolhari Trek II 8 4890 M Medium
Laya Gasa Trek 14 5005 M Medium – Hard
Punakha Winter Trek 4 3400 M Easy – Medium
Samtengang Winter Trek 4 2000 M Easy
Snowman Trek i (to Sephu) 25 5320 M Medium – Hard
Snowman Trek II (to Bumthang) 25 5320 M Hard
Merak Sakten 6 4100 M Moderate

What to bring while on trek to Bhutan?

The travel agencies are responsible for the material organization of the Bhutan trekking tours and provide tents and thin foam mattresses, but you must have your own sleeping bag and all your own personal equipment.

You need a strong bag (as much waterproof as possible) to be carried by the mules and a rucksack for personal needs during the day. Never set out for the day without your polar fleece jacket, a windbreaker, a raincoat or umbrella, a flashlight and a water bottle.

Clothing and hiking boots made of Goretex are perfect for trekking in Bhutan, but sneakers and canvas shoes are not totally unsuitable because there is always water running on the trails. In Thimphu you can buy excellent umbrellas which triple as sunshades and walking sticks, and also plastic sheets to cover your backpack.

Wrap everything you own in plastic rubbish bags inside your backpack, and bring extras with you as this kind of bag is not available in Thimphu. Also bring a torch (flashlight) – the head-lamp type with a halogen bulb is the most practical for trekking – with extra batteries, all your own photographic equipment, a water flask, a multi-purpose pocket knife, a hat, glasses, sunscreen lotion, antibiotic ointment and an antihistamine cream for insects.

As in Nepal, leeches can be nuisance at certain seasons. You make them drop off by dabbling them with salt, and then disinfect the wound thoroughly. Do not forget your polar fleece jacket, a windbreaker or down jacket depending on the season and the altitude, a hat and gloves.

Trekking in Bhutan Cost Includes:

  1. US$ 40 per person (Single entry visa fee).
  2. Accommodation in 3 star hotel.
  3. Daily US$ 65 Per pax / Night Government royalty and all the tax.
  4. All meals (break, lunch & dinner).
  5. Full time English speaking guide.
  6. Private transportation and sightseeing as per the itinerary.
  7. Museums and parks fees indicated in the itinerary.
  8. Bottled drinking water in car.
  9. Gov surcharge USD 30 per person / night for the FIT traveler

Trekking in Bhutan Facilities Includes:

  1. First Aid Box (Medicine).
  2. Sleeping tent (2 man tent) with carpeted floor, Air Mattress, Pillow and room light.
  3. Dinning tent with dining set, Table, Chair and dining light.
  4. Kitchen tent with kitchen set and light.
  5. Hot water bag with cover.
  6. Toilet tent with toilet pot.
  7. Shower tent with shower bag and mat.
  8. Trekking staff.


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Thimphu Tshechu – 7 Days

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