Gangtey Natural Trail – Places to visit in Phobjikha

From Gangtey Monastery, hike through Gangtey Natural Trail (1.5hrs). This is the most beautiful and shortest of the existing nature trails in Bhutan. The trail hike starts from the mani (like Chhorten) stone wall to the north of the Ganagtey Gonpa and ends in Khewa Lhakhang. This hike which takes you though the pine forest and small bamboo plants provides a spectacular view of the Phobjikha Valley.

Gangtey Natural Trail

For, on the other hand an entire day climb around Phobjikha valley you can begin your stroll at the Dewachen inn and stroll from here to the Black-Necked Crane Information Center, which has heaps of data on the valley and its renowned relocating winged creatures. From here you can stroll to Beta Village where there is a little school which you are welcome to visit on the off chance that you are intrigued. At that point proceed with your stroll to Gangtey Gompa (one of Bhutan’s most seasoned religious communities and as of late broadly revamped). From here you can stroll along the Gangtey Nature Trail, past Semchubara town, through woods of blue pine trees secured with lichen (known as old man’s facial hair) and where you can ideally observe a few winged creatures. Proceed from the finish of the nature trail to Kingathang town where you can visit a sanctuary worked by the Queen Mother. From Kingathang, you can walk by means of Yusa town back to your inn. Add up to separate 12 to 13 Km (6 to 7 hrs).

Gangtey Gompa Trek

Or, on the other hand take a day stroll in the valley known as the Shasila trail. The trail is utilized by the general population of Sha Ngawang and Chitokha to relocate between their late spring and winter home in Gangtey. It was likewise a critical trail utilized by the Gangtey Truelku and his devotees in the past while moving between his winter habitation in Sha Chitokha and Gangtey Gompa. It takes roughly 6 hours stroll for easygoing trekkers to achieve Kheylaykha from Phobjikha. This trail is particularly suggested for winged creature partners. Your driver will meet you at the street and take you to Wangdi for the night, initially considered Bhutan’s optional capital and summoning a vital focal position.

For fit climbers who need a harder test, take a day stroll in the valley known as the Khotokha trail. It takes around 4 hours stroll for easygoing trekkers to achieve Khotokha from Phobjikha. You will be strolling through backwoods and will find the opportunity to see a few feathered creatures. In Khotokha you can visit the cloister, which has around 100 friars, and you are welcome to visit a few farmhouses in the town. After a pressed lunch you will come back to Phobjikha for the night (around 7 to 8 hours altogether for the round trek).