Chimi Lhakhang is situated on a hillock in the centre of the valley, is dedicated to Lama Drukpa Kuenley, who in the late 15th century used humor, songs and outrageous behavior to dramatize his teachings and due to this also known as “Divine Madman”. This temple is also known as the temple of fertility. It is widely believed that couples who do not have children and wanting one, if they pray at this temple, they are usually blessed with a child very soon. It is about 30 minute walk across field from the road to the temple.

Chimi LhakhangOtherwise called the “Ripeness Temple,” the single building site was initially worked in 1499 on a short slope that had been honored by maverick Buddhist pioneer Drukpa Kunley, known as the “Perfect Madman.” Drupa Kunley, otherwise called “The Saint of 5,000 Women” worked additional time to spread edification through a dynamic sexual coexistence. He was known to carry on with a genuinely bacchanal way of life loaded with wine, ladies, and verse. He is additionally attributed with conveying Buddhism to Bhutan, thus the basic phallic symbolism found all through the nation. The phallus moved toward becoming Drupa Kunley’s image, flagging both fruitfulness and the ability to convey illumination to the individuals who… gained from its lessons. Along these lines, his penis as an image is here and there known as the “Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom.”

Drupa Kunley’s distraught shenanigans were an announcement on the stuffiness of the Buddhist pioneers at the time, yet his adventures appeared to evoke genuine emotion with local people, and outlines of penises turned into a more typical sight, said to have the capacity to avert insidious spirits. This originated from the legends that Drupa Kunley could bop evil spirits on the head with his thunderbolt and transform them into defensive spirits.

In present day Bhutan, utilization of the penis as an image is disapproved of, as it may be wherever on the planet where wearing jeans is the standard. Yet, at Chimi Lhakang, the penises still decorate the dividers of the close-by structures, and wooden phalluses are as yet kept by the friars, used to favor ladies that look to be honored with youngsters. Guests from everywhere throughout the world still go to the religious community for a gift of richness.