Nalanda Buddhist College, Locals call this place ‘Dalayna’ while the monks refer it as ‘Nalanda Buddhist College’. Drive here in the afternoon and enjoy your evening tea supplemented by the ravishing view in front, along with interaction with local monks.

Nalanda Buddhist College is settled on a precarious mountain in Punakha. The head khenpo warmly invites visitors who are keen on religious life and honing English with his ministers. You will appreciate the pleasant view from the religious community, the peaceful area and delightful engineering of the sanctuary. This place is particularly intriguing to visit in the event that you are Buddhist or really keen on Buddhism.

Nalanda Buddhist CollegeIn 1757 the ninth Je Khenpo Shakya Rinchen, thought to be a rebirth of Rechungpa (one of the two unprecedented devotees of Milarepa in Kagye Buddhist ancestry), established the Nalanda Monastery in Punkaha.

When this cloister was fabricated, the antiquated Nalanda University in India was a blessed and sacrosanct place. Bhutanese individuals attempted extraordinary endeavors to visit this unique sacred place in any event once in their lifetime. There were no streets and individuals needed to stroll to India. Therefore the trip was extremely hazardous and individuals were at hazard to be burglarized or far more terrible. Once in India, individuals from Bhutan confronted numerous troubles incorporating managing contrasts in sustenance, culture, and dialect and additionally being in a new place. As a method for obliging individuals’ longing to visit Nalanda, Gyalwa Shakya Rinchen Rinpoche manufactured this cloister in Bhutan and named it after the Nalanda University in India.

Gyalwang Shakya Rinchen had finished the working of Phajoding in the religious community above Thimphu valley. Upon its culmination he was pondering where the following site to assemble the following religious community. The minister body was moving their living arrangement from Thimphu to Punakha, similar to the conventional approach to invest months in Punakha. When he was strolling over Dochula mountain pass he saw eight vultures traveling to a particular range that has now turned into the present Nalanda cloister. He through that possibly these vultures were the eight unique researchers (pandits) from the Nalanda University in India. Subsequent to seeing it he requested an affirmation in a fantasy. Therefore the eight researchers showed up in his fantasy and gave an instructing to him. In light of seeing of the vulture picking this site and the fantasy of the eight researchers, this site was picked as the region in which to assemble Nalanda cloister.