The village of Talo (alt. 2,800m) which is scattered along the hill slopes, known for its cleanliness and hygiene among Punakha villages. Talo Sangnacholing is built on a plateau and has majestic view of surrounding villages. The beautiful farm houses of the village have its own flower gardens and on the hill slope corns and sweet peas are grown in abundance. The women of Talo are particular known for their beauty.

Talo Village

In the event that you have an obsession for investigating the peaceful town inside the mountains then this can be the best possible place for you. Masterminded at a stature of a couple of,800m which is connected on the slant slants Talo Village is the perfect option for the character partners. Talo Sangnacholing is based on level and has great sight of coterminous towns.

The dazzling ranch and places of the city have its own particular blossom gardens and on the slant incline corns and sweet peas ar created abundance. The women of Talo ar fundamentally celebrated for his or her magnificence. Talo Tsechu has held in the ground close Talo Dzong or religious habitation. One can in like manner visit the Talo religious home put on the inclines over Punakha, Bhutan.