Talk a walk though this market and shop/interact with the local farmers. Thimphu’s new weekend market is by far the largest domestic market for the farmers in Bhutan. Farmers come from all over the country to sell their farm products in the market. With its wide assortment of fresh, organic produce, the Farmer’s Market has become a favorite spot for tourists and a recreational place for people from all walks of life. Nearby, across a cantilever footbridge, Kuendeyling Bazaam, to the west bank is a collection of stalls selling clothing, textiles and handicrafts.

The Centenary Farmers Market in Thimphu is a blast of hues and aromas. Thimphu inhabitants throng the market on the ends of the week, to purchase the freshest neighborhood deliver from the nation over, and also a wide assortment of vegetables, leafy foods items imported from India. The current two-story solid structure was introduced in 2008 and renamed the Centenary Farmer’s Market– the past vegetable market worked out of lines of open structures with rooftops, and tents in the middle.