Changangkha Lhakhang is an old fortresslike sanctuary and religious school roosted on an edge above Thimphu, southeast of Motithang. It was set up in the twelfth century on a site picked by Lama Phajo Drukgom Shigpo, who originated from Ralung in Tibet. The focal statue is Chenresig in a 11-headed, thousand-furnished sign. There are huge petition wheels to turn and even the supplication books in the sanctuary are bigger in measure than normal Tibetan writings. Try not to leave without taking in the superb view from the yard.

Guardians generally come here to get promising names for their infants or favors for their young kids from the defender god Tamdrin (to one side in the barbecued inward sanctum). Kids are honored by a phurba (custom knife) and given a sacrosanct string.

The inside wall paintings are especially fine. Give the occupant celestial prophet your introduction to the world date and he will counsel divination graphs to choose which sort of defensive petition banners will profit you (Nu 150 for the banners). Try not to forget without checking the altar to the tshomen (mermaid) in the focal patio and afterward taking in the superb view from the back kora (explorer way), with its dazzling dark and-gold supplication wheels.