The handmade paper making in Bhutan stemmed from the age old tradition originated in 8th century of Bhutanese history. It is located approximately 1 km from Thimphu City.  The factory uses the bark of two tree species, the Daphne tree and Dhekap tree in the manufacture of traditional paper. Visitors can observe the entire process of producing handmade paper using ancient traditional methods that have been practiced for generations. You can Handmade Paper Factoryeven try your hand at this ancient craft and make some paper of your very own as a souvenir. The Jungshi paper factory continues to preserve and promote this age-old Bhutanese tradition. It also produces various other products, such as stationery and greeting cards.

Jungshi means Natural. the handmade paper making begins to find its place as the most important part of Bhutanese culture and tradition. the paper making first began as a domestic occupation and still preserved to till thses days. in year 1990 the Government, Ministry of Trade and Industry established the Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory to as a key pilot to safe guard the old traditional of handmade paper making in Bhutan and expand its market for commercial purpose. in 1992 the factory was privatized under the sole proprietorship of Mr. Norbu Tenzin, who is trained and sent as missionary in designing of Bhutanese traditional handmade paper for international market. today company has wide range markets outside country.