National Textile Museum¬†is worth a visit to learn about Bhutan’s living national art of weaving. The ground floor focuses on cham costumes, while the upper floor introduces the major weaving techniques, styles of local dress and type of textiles made by women and men. There is usually a small group of weavers working their looms inside the shop, which features work from the renowned weaving centre of Lhuentse in northeastern Bhutan.

National Textile MuseumThe methodicalness of Bhutan’s materials is ascribed to many factors, for example, its mind boggling designs in material craftsmanship (remarkable on the planet), abilities and strategies embraced in their creation, important part in religious, official and get-together spoke to by “glyph and images of antiquated information” and their profound hallowed intention. The Bhutan Textile Museum was first brought about by Her Majesty, the Queen Mother Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuck.

It was set up in 2001 and introduced by the Queen. Danish financing to the tune of US $165,000 empowered advancement of the foundation of the exhibition hall. Legislature of Bhutan and private benefactors have likewise given help to set up the gallery furthermore, the specialized help of the Peabody Essex Museum in the United States. Wangchuck fills in as the supporter of the historical center and has improved national and worldwide enthusiasm for the Bhutanese material industry.