Ta Dzong

Ta Dzong

Ta Dzong was Watch Tower of the Trongsa Dzong. The Watch Tower was converted into a Royal Museum on 10th of December 2008.  The museum has on display about 224 items used over the years by the Wangchuck dynasty.  You will see the Raven Crown worn by the first King in 1907 and many other objects of interest.

It was built by Chogyal Minjur Tempa, the 1st Governor of Trongsa in 1652. It has four observation points resembling Tiger, Lion, Garuda and Dragon. Climb up the path to visit Ta Dzong which now houses a shrine dedicated to the epic hero, King Gesar of Ling.

A visit to this former watchtower provides visitors with an insight into the significance of Trongsa in Bhutan’s history. Today the Ta Dzong of Trongsa is the most fascinating museum of the nation. The Dzong has now been converted into a state-of-the Art Museum (National Museum) with technical and financial support provided by Austria.


House in:                                           17th century cylindrical Building (Ta-dzong)

Floors:                                                Four and Five

Establishment of Museum:            2008

Official Name:                                   The Royal Heritage Museum

Chief Curator/Director:               Mr. Sangay Tashi

Type:                                                    State of Art Museum

Governing Authority:                       The Department of Culture, Royal Government of Bhutan

Number of Collections:                    Five hundred (500)

Style of display:                                 Western & Traditional

Opening hours:                                 9AM – 5PM (Monday – Friday)

Closing days:                                     Saturday, Sundays and National Holidays

Sections:                                            Administrative, Curatorial and Conservation

Location:                                            Ta-dzong, Trongsa, Central Bhutan

Type of Collection:                          Thangkas, Sculptures, Bronzes, Decorative arts, Arms and Armor, Ritual objects, Masks, Textiles& Royal belongings.

Number of Staff:                              12 (twelve)