Top Travel Destinations 2020

Top Travel Destinations 2020

Travel Destination 2020

With so many places to visit, how do you choose where to go? Check out our top travel destination 2020. Here are its recommended countries for travel in 2020.

Travel Destination 2020


Bhutan is a small country located in the southern foothills of the Himalaya mountains. The country is in between the Republic of China and the Republic of India. The elevation level is here 38,394 km² and the population is 735553. Southern Bhutan is respectively hot and has a humid atmosphere, but the climate always varies from 15 to 30 degrees. In the northern areas, the temperature is low and cold, as it is near the mountains. In this region the mountains tops usually stay covered in snow thus, the lower parts stay cool. All this makes Bhutan as a number one top travel destination 2020.

Bhutan is rich with precious culture and diversity. There are so many celebrations that are held here from time to time. Every single village in this country have their own celebration and one of the well-known is the annual Tshechu and it’s a very religious festival of this place. In Tshechu the people dress up in colorful clothes and join at the nearest monastery or temple.

Bhutan Festivals Dates 2018

This celebration is usually done to pray to the second Buddha, the Guru Rimpoche. The people gather to have their traditional dance, they share meals which includes, red rice, spicy pork, ema datshi and momos which is generally made by pork or beef. They also drink the traditional rice wine known as Ara. This is the celebration where families gather and catch up with everyone.

Bhutan is named the best country to visit in 2020, above England and North Macedonia, in the Lonely Planet’s travel guide book, ‘Best in Travel Destination 2020.’

Best in Travel is Lonely Planet’s annual publication highlighting the top 10 countries, cities, regions and best value destinations.

The country’s low impact tourism policy, its rich culture and tradition, and sustainable practices are the reasons why Bhutan hit the publisher’s top list.

When it comes to sustainability, being the first carbon-negative country in the world, the country leads the pack, according to Lonely Planet. “Its sustainability efforts are extraordinary. Bhutan is set to become the first fully organic nation.”

It was because of high-value-low-volume tourism policy that the country had specific regulations for the visitors such as requiring the travelers to visit the country through a tour operator and having to pay a minimum daily fee.

TCB’s media spokesperson, Damcho Rinzin, said that Bhutan being recognized as the best country to visit in 2020 out of 195 countries was an honour.

The entry for Bhutan states that Bhutan offers travelers a unique experience of mountain hikes through pine-scented monastery-crowned hills along magnificent trails unspoiled by litter.

“The kingdom priorities its ancient Buddhist traditions, while still embracing global developments,” it states. “Here, you will find a fascinating blend of the old and the new among kind-hearted people whose time-honoured beliefs, keep them uniquely in tune with their environment.”

Having to pay a daily tariff to set foot in Bhutan, according to the publisher, is also why travellers should visit the country in 2020. “This means it won’t get any more crowded and its natural beauty and reverence remain protected.”

Since the Lonely Planet ranked Bhutan as the best country to visit in 2020, it would further encourage TCB to make Bhutan known internationally.

Where to Find The Best Holiday Destinations for 2020

If you opt to go on a Bhutan tour, then be ready for a number of the outrageous modes of travel and enjoyable. Following are a few intriguing destinations where you are able to relish your visit to the fullest with your family. Deciding on a holiday destination that appeals to various generations isn’t easy but possible. If you wish to combine your Bhutan vacation with some festivals then we advise you to have a look at the subsequent list! So, it may be possible to have an excellent vacation on a budget. That means you can either make an exact inexpensive holiday or enjoy a luxurious stay in an exact economic context.

Medical tourism is the worldwide notion, and its popularity is rising day by day to assist and exchange the prevalence. Traveling to Bhutan is quite a great idea for your vacation with your family. In addition, it clearly labels that whether your booking is nonrefundable or if you’re able to cancel without penalty till a particular date. Therefore, the tickets are more in demand and for that reason are expensive. So, one ought to be flexible in everything, to be able to locate the least expensive flight.

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