Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is famous for being a country of the Himalayas. It basks in the presence of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Wide range of tourists arrives to experience Nepal trekking. Treks in Nepal form the crux of Nepal tourism.

Trekking in Nepal is synonymous with mention of any topic related to Nepal tourism. With its high rise mountain ranges, treks in Nepal are becoming more popular. Nepal trekking is your avenue to enjoy the beauty of the country in its full glory. Nepal treks offer you a chance to visit the world’s highest mountain ranges.  Enjoy the view midst green forest cover and snow clad mountains.


Trekking in Nepal

Treks to Nepal cost will includes the charges of permits, TIMS card (if necessary),, porters , guide, transportation, food and accommodation.

What part of the world is Nepal?

Map of Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia bordered to the north by the People Republic of China and to the south, east and west by Republic of India. It has a total area of 147,181 square kilometers and a population of approximately 30 million. Nepal is the 93rd largest country by landmass. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. It is highly diverse and rich geography, culture and religions. Nepal being a mountainous country has eight of the world’s ten largest mountains including the highest, Sagarmatha, known as Mount Everest.

The weather in Nepal varies with topography whereby humid and tropical in lowlands than the high altitude places. Best time to Trek in Nepal is from mid September to November and March to May.

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Nepal Tourism

Tourism in Nepal is the largest industry and the largest source of income foreign exchange and revenue. Nepal has eight largest mountains in the world making it hot destination for mountaineers. Nepal tourism provides the opportunity for trekkers, travelers and local people to explore the ancient cities and mountain trails, wildlife watching in the various national parks and jungles and mountain flight tours.

There are all sorts of adventures offered by Nepal tourism. If you decide to trek on beaten path then magnificent Mustang trekking is your destination. And if you are struggling to claim the summit of Mount Everest then Mount Everest Base Camp is your destination.

Nepal tourism have many things to offer you including  one of the most charming things the towns of Bandipur, the living museum of Newari culture, beautifully preserved village crowning a lofty ridge. The time seems to have stood still there although preserving something that existed long time back is difficult. With its 18th century architecture, pedestrian zone and outdoor dining will give you a distinctly European feeling.

Nepal tourism offers you platform to trek and climb to the mountains lined with fluttering players flags, to travel around new cities that came up around ancient landmarks, beautiful sightseeing around the temples and monasteries. Nepal is a land of mystic and the modern. You will experience a great hospitality from the people of Nepal. Throughout your trip friendly guide and porter who will look after you.

You will never forget Nepal after you visit it, as you will be taking lots of most exciting memories to cherish throughout your life time. You may cry seeing the view of mountains for the first and last time of your visit. If you are looking for a place to travel, explore and cherish throughput then visit Nepal by arranging trip from us. You won’t regret traveling to Nepal which because it is a heavenly made place on earth.

Treks to Nepal

Nepal trekking offers short treks from 5 days and medium treks up to 12 days and for adventures kind you can go up to 20 days and more. You need not worry while you go for treks since everywhere you go, you are bound to be invited to stay at someone’s house or tea house. The hospitality provided by people of Nepal is heart welcoming. You would feel like home in Nepal after you enjoy your stay with people of Nepal.

Nepal treks offer you a wide range of options. Nepal best treks are the ones that are suitable to your needs. Trekking in Nepal offers you with various destinations of your choice. There are various Nepal tracks based on your needs. Days of travel and destination of your choosing is important for the type of Nepal trek. The climate too help decide your treks in Nepal.

Everest base camp trek is the finest of Nepal best treks. The trek to this base camp may be arduous but it is worth. You get a view of the highest mountain in a serene snow clad surrounding. This Nepal trekking also offers you a rare chance to experience rural life. You get to indulge and meet with the indigenous people of this snowy region, the Sherpas.

Annapurna circuit is the most famous of Nepal treks. It envelopes a wide range of landscapes. You experience the true essence of Nepal trekking in the Annapurna circuit. This Nepal trek provides you with an adaptive trek. It acclimatizes as the trek progresses. It moves towards the higher tree line from the lush green forests of the southern region.  Considered the best of Nepal treks, this trek is a spiritual experience.

Nepal exchange rate

You need to understand Nepal exchange rates for trekking in Nepal,. In the current market rate, 1 USD is equal to 113.86 Nepali Rupee. There may be variations in the Nepal exchange rate, but it always stays within this range.  The value of Nepali rupee is lesser than Indian Rupee. The Nepal Exchange rate is 1.65 Rupee to India’s 1 Rupee. The Nepal Rashtra Bank generates the Nepal exchange rate.

The best way to exchange your cash is to consult with your tour operators or the hotels. Nepal tourism has proper arrangements for providing proper exchange of money.  Most of the tourist hotels can exchange based on the Nepal exchange rate. If you have travelers check, tour operators cant help. You should visit major banks to convert it according to the Nepal exchange rate.

Nepal weather

The weather in Nepal depends on the location of your stay. When you move from the south to the North, the weather becomes dry and cold in the summer. In the winter, Nepal weather is common over the entire country. There are cold fogs even in the southern region. Nepal weather in the highlands is always snowy and cold. There are distinct four season pattern in Nepal weather. Monsoon forms a bulk of the summer season. This time of the year in Nepal weather experiences high rainfall. This may cause erosion and roadblocks.

As the altitude of Nepal ranges from 1200 m to 8000 m, there are wide weather changes in the region. Nepal weather can be hard to track with its wide range. The seasons are rarely different from any other year.

Place   Summer (May, June, July)   Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb)
  Max (°C)   Min (°C)   Rain (mm)   Max (°C)   Min (°C)   Rain (mm)
  Kathmandu   28.1   19.5   312   19.3   3.0   15.4
  Pokhara   29.7   21.3   829.7   20.3   7.7   26.3
  Chitwan   33.0   25.3   404.0   24.1   8.3   13.8

If you are planning for trek to Nepal, choose a proper month. Considering Nepal weather, It is best to travel in August to October for trekking in Nepal.

Nepal Airlines

Nepal airlines have two categories. International Nepal airlines catering to tourists. Domestic Nepal airlines for internal tourists. Nepal airlines provide you with various domestic Nepal airline options.

Nepal has only international airport in Kathmandu, Tribhuvan international airport. There are three Nepal airlines which provide international services. There are 3 other airports which are being upgraded to international airports. There are 8 international destinations of Nepal airlines. India and Qatar are ideal for international tourists. Nepal airlines have over 52 domestic airlines used for tourists.

Nepal Time zone

There is only one Nepal time zone. It falls at GMT + 5:45. It is 15 hours before Indian standard time.

Top 5 Best Treks in Nepal

  1. Manasula Circuit Trek is another one from Nepal trek which takes around 17 days to complete. This is one of the classical trek where you will get to experience and see spectacular Himalayan ranges and appealing nature beauty.
  2. Langtang valley trek takes 11 days to complete. The valley is located north of Kathmandu and sits in narrow with the Himalaya. Treks offer the surreal world of mountain, glaciers, forests and river.
  3. Mustang Circuit Trek takes around 16 days to complete. Mustang is a magical world of the unknown with archaeological mysteries, deep rooted history and culture.
  4. Nar Phu Valley trek combined with Annapurna Circuit takes 17 days to complete. It is one of the adventures trek in the remote part of Himalayas which features with beautiful panorama along with diverse culture.
  5. Gokyo combined with Everest Base Camp trek around 19 days to complete. It follows the path from Gokyo via high pass of Cho La onto the Base Camp of Everest.